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Harmony Lane Farm is a Grade "A" Dairy and farm store selling the best, freshly made, goat's milk products. Over 150 happy goats produce some of the best goat milk available. Of course, with the best milk, and the freshest ingredients, we make the best goat cheese around. Our Farm Is Open To The Public. To visit with the animals, we only accept reservations.
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Goat Cuddling!

Due to so many comments about having a special credit card that gets you into cuddling anytime you want for one fee, we have designed the “Herd Member” card. Do YOU want to become a Herd Member at Harmony Lane Farm and Creamery? What a unique gift to give🎁

$175.00 for this unique credit card gets you unlimited goat cuddling for one whole year.
✳️ 10% off all tours (non-members in your party included in this discounted price).
✳️ 10% off all products in the store except Crotched goats, this includes apparel, all soaps/lotions and food!

It comes in a special gift bag with all the instructions and literature pertaining to the farm.

Available in the farm store for purchase and online.
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How it all began...

Harmony Lane Bio

Mark, my husband and co-owner of Harmony Lane Farm and Creamery, and I have been married for over 39 years. We received our license in February 2016 and have been making 8 delicious flavors of fresh Chevre, hand-cut marinated feta, goat milk fudge, chocolate and vanilla goat milk ice cream and goat milk caramels (which do not stick to your teeth or dental work as a normal caramel will), all are made in small batches and by hand. We raise our own whole pork sausage and ground beef. Our pork is special because all of the whey from the cheese-making process is given to the hogs and makes for a high-protein, low-fat pork, hardly any grease in your pan. We make Goat Milk Soap and Goat Milk Lotion and have a variety of Crocheted goats, T-shirts, hats and/or pillows you can take home as a souvenir. All can be purchased in our Farm Store (no reservation needed for the Farm Store). The Farm Store is open 8-5:00 Monday through Saturday right here in Smithville, Tennessee, just a 1/2 a mile off of Hwy 70, easy in and easy out. Many of the ingredients in our soap come right from the farm-goats milk from the goats, herbs from the garden, and more! Truly local ingredients mean a low carbon footprint. It’s nice to know what you are putting on (in) your body; after all…your skin is the largest organ you have. My goat girls produce the finest milk, making my soaps ultra-creamy and full of vitamins and minerals. Besides shopping in our Farm Store you can also make a reservation for fun activities on the farm.

We have two 20 x 40 covered baby goat nurseries - the infant side is climate controlled (AC and heat). You can schedule a visit online and see adorable baby goats (kids).
Pet and brush Lucy and Laney the llamas, feed our donkey “Festus'' and his sidekick our miniature donkey “Jeb” carrots. Pet a mustang name Diamond that has been rehilabated, love on a miniature horse named Mr. Checkers. Give treats to the teenager goats, go into the Nigerian Dwarf habitat and pet and love on dwarf goats, get your picture taken with an exotic scarlet macaw named “Benny” . Stay for a while, cuddle, take pictures and relax. This experience is $15 a person, under 2 is free. A reservation @ Harmonylanefarms.com has to be made on our website, please do not just show up at the farm.

We also do full farm tours that are about an hour and 20 minutes $25.00 a person, (under 2 is free)

you get to see all the “behind the scenes” and it consists of an ATV ride (no walking involved), viewing the cows and calves, pig and piglets that we raise right here on the farm, go into the milking parlor and see our 12 headgate milking stanchion, even try your hand at milking a goat by hand. You will have the opportunity to participate in cheese/fudge sampling and get a complete overview of the cheese-making process along with other general information regarding raising and handling of the goats. This ticket price includes going over to the Baby Goat Cuddling area after the tour is over and free soap samples and literature.

Please come visit us!

- Julie David, Chief Goat Girl
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Hear it from our customers.
  • "As a Licesnsed Massage Therapist my hands are in water, hand sanitizer and laundry a lot. My skin would sometimes get small cracks around the nails and I would use skin glue until they would heal. A few weeks ago we did a family trip to your farm. While there I purchased and started using your soap at home and at the office. Within 4 days the cracks were healed and haven't came back. This past weekend we made a detour on our way to Cookeville just to buy more soap. Keep up the great work."

    Leta J.

    Happy Customer
  • "I have been using the facial bar for several months and LOVE the difference it has made for my skin!! I have extremely sensitive skin, so I can’t use a lot of the different soaps/creams for breakouts. The goats milk soap is by far the best deterrent for breakouts. It doesn’t dry my face out or leave any kind of residue. I love it!!❤️"

    Alexa F.

    Happy Customer
  • "I recently used a sample of the “harmony” soap. It smells delightful, and I always reach for it first over any soap I own. Never once in my life had I used any homemade soap, but y’all’s definitely made a lasting impression! Best regards."

    Ethan H.

    Happy Customer
  • "I bought the lotion and soap for my daughter who struggles with eczema. It was perfectly gentle for her skin and seemed to help soothe the flair up. My kids also love using the soap after a visit to pet the goats and tour the farm. They thought it was beyond cool that their soap came from goats!!"

    Dayna H.

    Happy Customer
  • "Hello -My husband and I visited Harmony Lane after a recommendation from our daughter and her husband. We fell in love just like they did. When we visited we bought a sampling of everything. We bought the soap because of it's wonderful smell. Now I will buy the soap because of the way it feels. Hand washing these days can be a bit much and the goat soap doesn't dry my hands at all. It really leaves them feeling hydrated and an added bonus....they smell so good. Who knew? Thank you!"

    April T.

    Happy Customer
  • "As someone with very sensitive skin, I've struggled all my life to find a skin care routine. Regardless of what I paid, cleansing and moisturizing my skin was unsuccessful. I shudder to think how much I've spent over the years on products that I had to throw out shortly after using them.
    Late last year I found your website and purchased some soap and lotion. Almost immediately I could feel a change in my skin and no longer suffered from the usual breakout from the soap and/or lotion. When I needed to replenish my soap supply just before Christmas, I decided to spend my birthday cuddling baby goats, feeding many other residents and stocking up on my soaps.
    I think from now on I'll spend my birthday hanging out at the farm and in the mean time, I'll continue to stock up on the soaps and lotions.
    Your products are A+ in my book and even my dermatologist had to agree with the results."


    Happy Customer
  • "Hello! In December, I got a random present from a coworker that included a gift basket with soap and lotion from Harmony Lane Farms. I had never heard of this place nor had I tried goat milk soap before so I was a bit apprehensive especially with my allergies to everything. Well turns out I LOVED that soap so much (it was the Lemon Grass and Patchouli one). My skin has never felt so smooth and moisturized. I was so bummed when I ran out that I've been trying to find time to drive up to the farm to purchase more (and pet the beautiful goats). It lathers well and has a pleasant scent. If you're a fan of herbs and essential oil smells, you'll like this soap. And it's a pretty hefty bar. It lasted me longer than the commercial store bought bars so definitely worth the price. I'd highly recommend the soap for anyone looking for a local and more organic skin care product. Looking forward to trying the lotion soon too. Thank you so much for putting love in your products and animals <3"

    Mika Carr

  • "I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, and have been living in TN for just over a year. My hands don't quite understand this whole dry weather business. Thankfully I have a jar of goat milk lotion from Harmony Lane that I got this past summer. After just a couple days of daily use, my hands feel so much better!! Do not even waste a minute thinking about whether you need it or not, just buy it."

    Stefanie R.

    Happy Customer
  • "Harmony Lane has the most amazing soaps. I love the way they smell and feel on my skin. And they are always very helpful with answering questions about their products.
    Happy to help with a review! I was just thinking this week how much I loved my lotion I got!!
    I purchased the lemongrass and patchouli hand lotion at the beginning of this winter, I was skeptical at first because I have very sensitive skin and eczema on my hands. I use it almost every night and I have never broken out! It has kept my hands from getting dry this winter and I haven’t had eczema all season, which winter typically the worst! And it smells amazing!! God Bless."

    Lauren P.

    Happy Customer
  • "We love Harmony Lane products especially there goats milk soap. We have since moved 3 hrs away and have there soap shipped to our front door on a regular basis. My wife travels for work and we both never leave home without our Harmony Lane Soap. Thanks"

    Tom & Heather

    Happy Customer
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