Field Trips

Schools/retirements homes/corporate events/family reunions

Have more than 30 in your party?

Price is $20 a person instead of $25 a person, this price is for bus drivers, chaperones, parents, any one occupying a seat is $20. We can accommodate 30 to three hundred

Tours start at 10:30 and 2:00 ~ if you have 200-300 people you have the whole day, and we can be more flexible on the times.

What does a full tour look like?

Ride all 64 acres on a covered trolly with thick cushions, and blankets in the winter, see our soap making room, learn how soap and lotion is made, see both ponds, the chickens, ducks, yearling goats, bucks, hogs, angus beef herd, learn about animal husbandry. Go into the 12 head gate milking parlor, watch 12 milking does file into the parlor, and learn how to milk a mama goat by hand, everyone has a turn.

Have some delicious cheese and crackers, and goat milk fudge made with goat milk from our milking herd, this side takes roughly an hour and a half, depending on the size of the group.

Then…you Visit the world famous baby goat cuddling side, cuddle baby goats of all ages, feed a miniature donkey named Jeb, a standard donkey named Festus carrots, feed emus treats, pet a miniature horse named Mr. Checkers, pet a rehabilitated mustang named Diamond, (horseback rides in the future) feed teenager goats treats by hand, walk around a Nigerian dwarf habitat, get up close and personal with little dwarfs, get your picture with a scarlet macaw named Benny, watch him crack large nuts.

Stay on this Baby Goat Cuddling side as long as you like. Some people take a break and have lunch at our 40 x 60 foot pavilion - tables and chairs are provided, along with two large clean restrooms.

A chef will be serving food in the future, ask for availability. Cheeseburgers, Hot dogs, Sausage burritos, French fries. All paid visitors get a goodie bag with free soap samples and literature to take home and share their fun memories they made.

We have a commercial swing set, and a pond up front you can walk around. We have parking for buses.

Call Julie David @ 615-983-0140 for scheduling groups over 20, or email

Download our waiver and have everyone’s name on one waiver who will be attending (use the back).
Yes we can do P.O.’s and take a check the day of.

Hurry and choose your day, we fill up fast.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony" .
- Mahatma Gandhi

"Julie David" wholeheartedly agrees with this quote. Enjoy and stay in Harmony! 

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