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If you would like to make a donation for Lovie you can do so here.


For those of you that don’t know the story,  Lovie was born on August 16, 2022 her mother rejected her, her mom would kick at her and walk away, having absolutely nothing to do with her 🙁
Mr. Ricky (the farm she was born at) saw what was going on, Mr. Ricky gave it some time to correct, hoping the mama llama would come around, when she didn’t he quickly brought her to me in hopes that we could save her.
She drank a fair amount of colostrum that I had for the goats and seemed to be stable.
The second feeding was a different story, she suddenly started going downhill and would not latch on, she became weak and unable to stand without help. I tried one more feeding with no luck before driving an hour to Rockncountry veterinary in College Grove.
Dr. John quickly assessed the situation gave her IV fluids, took blood work, and found out her protein levels were extremely low. He made a few phone calls, found some plasma from a camelid, drove, picked it up and started a plasma transfusion on the baby Cria.
After being there all day, various drugs, IV fluids and a plasma transfusion she was ready to come home and continue to fight for her life here at Harmony Lane.
Dr. John said she was a really sick Cria.
With round the clock care and lots of love she slowly gained strength and started nursing again, her eyes were bright, she was humming like a baby Cria should hum, we would nose kiss and hum back and forth, comforting her and encouraging her, each feeding she got a little stronger.
The next day we took the catheter out (we had to keep it in, in case she went down hill and I had fluids on hand) we named her, continued feeding warm goats milk, loving on her and trying to lift her spirits. She was finally able to lift herself up without help, walk, even tried to gallop a bit after having a full belly. She’s more vocal and alert.
Prayers were answered for sure!! I’ve been so amazed and in awe from all the comments, encouragement and prayers I decided to have a Crotched LOVIE made in her honor.
If you would like to have a special limited edition LOVIE for your home and as a way to support our farm, and help pay off Lovies medical bills,
Miss Connie is making them as fast as she can. First come, first serve, but I will be in contact with you on a timeline for the delivery of your LOVIE if we run low on supply.
We will put a few soap samples in the mailer to make your LOVIE smell wonderful! Or pick up here in person at the farm. (Call first and make sure we have good stock)
Help keep Harmony Lane Farm and Creamery going through this slow time of the year when the kids go back to school and sales are down coupled with medical bills to keep baby LOVIE alive and thriving.
LOVIE means “Loved one”
Let’s show LOVIE how much she is loved by buying your very own Crotched LOVIE 😍.
When you visit the farm in the future bring your Lovie with you and we will give you a free full size bar of soap 😁 as our way of saying thank you for your support!
God bless!


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