Farm Fresh Sausage ~ mild & hot

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Get your skillet ready, our 1 lb. Original Pork Sausage, a blend of delicious natural spices, are great morning, noon, and night. This premium roll of sausage has just enough spice and seasonings to keep your taste buds smiling.

Unlike most lesser products, we use the whole hog not scraps. Our pigs are raised on pasture, in a stress-free environment. And these guys are really special - they have the added advantage of being fed the nutritious whey from our goat cheese making process.

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Weight 454 g

2 reviews for Farm Fresh Sausage ~ mild & hot

  1. Sandra C.

    Yum! Our family doesn’t use any other sausage now that we know how yummy Harmony Lane sausage is. It’s lean with just the right spice which makes it versatile for many dishes. You’ll love it!

  2. Sandra Crider (verified owner)

    The whole hog hot sausage is our favorite! This one is lean and delicious.. not a lot of fat in the pan after cooking. And it does not have a piggy taste! My husband loves to make breakfast and this is one item we hate to run out of.

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