Nigerian Dwarf Doeling Deposit

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This is a deposit on a Nigerian dwarf doeling, buck or wether.
If we do not have any "available goats" within one year of your deposit, your deposit will be refunded or rolled over into the next year (your choice).

Your baby goat will be disbudded and their first shot of CDT and BOSE given. They come with a baby bottle and nipple that they are familiar with.
Any balance due must be paid in cash at the time of pickup. The deposit is not refundable if you change your mind.

Nigerian doelings cost $300 - $900. Doelings with blue eyes cost an extra $50. By placing a deposit, you get on the list to choose from available doelings as they are born. We will notify you when a potential doeling has been born.

Doelings are usually able to go to their new homes at 2-3 weeks of age. After 3 weeks of age, a daily boarding fee of $3.50 will be charged. If your doeling is not picked up within 1 month (unless other arrangements have been made) the deposit will be forfeit.

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