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$100 Deposit for a standard size goat. 

Doe(female) Buck (male) or wether (castrated male).

Throughout the year we do sell various standard size goats as well. 

Kids, yearlings, adults, and adults in milk. 

Just let me know what breed, and if you want your goat registered goat with American Dairy Goat Association or not, registered is more expensive. 

Do you want a Doe, buck, or wether, and what age. 

All of our goats are bottle babies super friendly and healthy. 

Pricing varies.

We have Alpines, Saanens, Nubians, some Lamanchas, Alpine/Nubian crosses, and Saanen/Nubian crosses.

Wethers make wonderful pets as well.  

Wethers as pets...

Quite often when people decide to get some goats as pets, they assume that they want girl goats (who are called does). Usually, this is because somewhere along the line they’ve heard that male goats are smelly. And, well, yes, INTACT male goats (called bucks) can get quite stinky, especially during rut season.

On the other hand, castrated males (called wethers) don’t have this odor. In fact, without looking at the goat's “private parts” you probably couldn’t tell a wether from a doe. We occasionally have several wethers that live with our does, and visitors never notice.

Wethers are sweet, friendly, even-tempered, wonderfully playful fellas. They make great pets, pack goats, and companion animals. They are amazingly easy to care for – just like big, happy puppy dogs. If you are looking for goats and don’t need the milk – get a couple of wethers, we let you take them home on the bottle so you can bond with them. They are much less expensive to buy than does and don’t get “goaty PMS” because of hormonal changes the way does can. Getting into goats couldn’t be easier or more fun than getting a pair of friendly, lovable wethers.

I dis-bud all my goats so you don’t have to worry with horns and give them their first round of shots.

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